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Kaia’s first book is forthcoming from essay press!

Essay Press is dedicated to publishing artful, innovative and culturally relevant prose that extends or challenges the formal protocols of nonfiction.

Kaia’s book, The War Requiem, blends memoir, research, and historical fiction, in order to explore Benjamin Britten’s dynamic piece of choral and orchestral music, the War Requiem, Op. 66. Written to commemorate the new Coventry Cathedral’s consecration (following World War II bombing), the War Requiem blends the Latin Mass for the Dead with nine poems by Wilfred Owen. Just as Britten’s piece pulls together many threads and subjects, this book braids three separate stories of Britten, Owen, and the author, to better understand the process of art-making and the lasting effects of both art and war.


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A few things about Kaia

I’m a writer. I’m also a teacher. In my classroom, my students learn on day one my catch phrase for writing and life: Get quirky.

And get quirky we do. I’m passionate about words and art and imagination. It’s important to me that both my students and I practice putting our dreams and thoughts and hopes on the page––how else can we prepare to imagine and work toward a better world?

Outside of writing and teaching, I read. A lot. I also like to go on walks with my rescue dog, Cleo, and search my city for the best bowl of ramen.


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